The complete testing solution to make your special events safer

Oncor provides Covid-19 planning and on-site testing for weddings, bat mitzvahs, concerts and conferences to help minimize the risk of Covid exposure.

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Your complete solution for creating healthy spaces.

Concierge planning to help minimize impact on event
Results in as little as 15 minutes
Turnkey solutions that can provide your guests with an added sense of protection

Powered by partnerships with providers who offer industry-leading testing equipment and best-in-class service

Created through a partnership of leading companies that includes:

A health care diagnostic laboratory
A globally respected engineering and critical infrastructure business

A physician-owned and led company built by industry leading experts.

Oncor Solutions is a physician-owned, physician-led consulting organization. Because of the Oncor team's national leadership roles, they were asked to identify other physicians that could partner with companies and individuals to create and implement responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the process of creating programs for organizations, academic institutions, and businesses across the country, Oncor created a deep bench of logistics and testing partners throughout the country.

We are experts at mitigating event risks

Our team of physicians will work with your event planner to create solutions that will work for your event. Once engaged, Oncor and its partners will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that are unique to your event. They will help outline a proposed path forward, highlighting any environmental procedures and protocols that can further mitigate the risk. We will then pair you with a trusted testing partner that will be on-site at your event.

Your event planning and testing partner.

Take a moment of your time to reach out and we will work with you on the rest.

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